Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter with friends and family. We are grateful to have celebrated the resurrection of our Savior.

We had some of our best friends over for Easter dinner. Please notice the AWESOME centerpiece designed by dad (we did have to escort out one or two bugs).

Claire and Mom made some awesome place cards!

Dad made a bang-up lasagna - "Nate's famous lasagne" if you will...

Funny story - Back when Hill and I were engaged, Hill's friends had a cooking club. Much to my dismay, I was not invited. At every meeting, I made Hill name the recipe, "Nate's Famous ..." A few months ago, our good friend Kerstin brought over some chicken and rice soup. It was very tasty, so we got the recipe. Well, the next week, I made the soup and altered the recipe a fair bit. I wrote down the recipe on a piece of paper and named it, "Nate's famous chicken and wild rice soup." I jokingly showed it to Hill. She subsequently lets Kerstin know that I had stolen her recipe and taken credit for it. I have never lived it down. I am working on the Nate's famous recipe book!

Emme could not have been any more excited, or focused, about the easter egg hunt.

Of course she sensed that there was something sweet inside those eggs. Once she got started, she was like a machine.

Emme is so sweet!

Claire of course was the veteran of the group - spotting plastic eggs in the most difficult spots.

Claire was not disappointed when her egg was opened.

Emme was very suspicious of anyone who came close to her precious eggs.

Claire and Emme absolutely love to play with Joelle. It has been such a blessing for them to have her as a good friend.

Of course mom had the girls looking all ready for the special day.

Emme is growing up so fast.
And Claire never disappoints.

Til' next time - hopefully not 4 months


Al said...

Thanks Nate for another great post! Hill that was a great choice on the dresses. The girls look adorable. Claire is starting to look so grown up, I can't believe it. My favorite is Emme with her easter basket though. She cracks me up.

Paula O'Buckley said...

These are awesome shots, Nate! Glad you're back at it - I guess you're off the not-a-resident-anymore hiatus. Of course, the storyline ain't bad, either! Keep it coming!

Amy & Mark said...

So fun to get a Dahle update! Looks like a great Easter -- your girls just keep getting more adorable (if that is even possible).

Emily said...

Bwah, ha, ha, Nate's Famous recipes. I have multiple of those recipes in my recipe box and love them all. Your girls are so adorable I can hardly stand it.

U Pesci Fet d'a Testa said...

Your girls are so cute. It's getting a little ridiculous. Hopefully in years to come they inherit Hill's penchant for rocking the pasta mamma house dress and slippers. (You kept those for the girls, I presume.)